Industry activities

Industry Activities

Conecta looks to network Latin American documentary filmmakers with the essential agents of the international audiovisual industry. With this goal, the accredited will attend a series of activities that start with Who is who , where a representative of each selected project participates in round tables with the guests invited to the event.

Meet the experts is one of our many other activities, where a group of participants will meet with some Conecta guest to learn more about the institutions they represent, what they are looking for and what their main interests are.

In the one-on-one meetings,, the accredited participants meet with the industry agents: producers, film festivals, funds, markets, training institutions, distributors, sales agents and exhibitors, among others . The meetings are scheduled by the organization of the event, wanting to make compatible the interests of the organizations with the characteristics of the projects. Within these meetings there are also ones between producers in order to favor alliances and joint work (co-production meetings).

By the end of the day, all the participants of the event will meet at The Conecta Hour, a place to encounter, chat and establish friendships.