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Canal Encuentro


Bernabé Demozzi
General producer
Canal Encuentro

Canal Encuentro

Canal Encuentro is an educational and cultural channel of Contenidos Públicos S.E. It offers documentaries, debate programs, interactive productions and series about topics that include philosophy, history, art, human rights, nature and innovation, etc. It develops audiovisual content from the different regions of Argentina and, also, acquires series elaborated by prestigious public and private channels worldwide. Its productions are available for watching and downloading from all over the country. It is directed to a large and plural audience, and its productions are also used as educational material by teachers and students.

Bernabé Demozzi. He has a degree in Film, TV, and Video Production from the Art Faculty of the National University of La Plata, Argentina. Director of Territorio LABEX (Argentina); programmer of Viña del Mar International Film Festival (Chile); Associate Professor at the National University of La Plata, Argentina; and teacher at UMET and UMSA.

Areas of interest: Series y largometrajes. Ciencias duras, sociedad, ambiente, historia, DD.HH., cultura, filosofía, literatura, feminismos, disidencias, política,Latinoamérica, tecnologías.