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Territorio Labex


Bernabé Demozzi
Territorio Labex


Territorio LABEX is a meeting event for development, training and production of audiovisual projects, that contributes to strengthening and finalization of first and second Latin American films. It promotes production by giving awards in its two competitive categories: Development and Work in progress, and also connecting participants and their works with different professionals of the audiovisual industry: authors, producers, scriptwriters, technicians and film directors.

Bernabé Demozzi. He has a degree in Film, TV, and Video Production from the Art Faculty of the National University of La Plata, Argentina. Director of Territorio LABEX (Argentina); programmer of Viña del Mar International Film Festival (Chile); Associate Professor at the National University of La Plata, Argentina; and teacher at UMET and UMSA.

Areas of interest: Feature documentaries in development or in post-production. First films, all genres, innovative narrations, new authors. Strategic alliances in both public and private sectors.