Canal 13


Ilse Hinrichsen
Product Manager


For 61 years, Canal 13 S.p.A. keeps innovating, producing, and broadcasting programs with the highest quality and creativity standards. For decades, Canal 13 has been in constant dialogue with the audience, through its leadership, pluralism, and public service. Canal 13’s wide range of programs includes: news, entertainment, docushows, telenovelas, series, and documentaries, which have set high standards within the industry. Canal 13 S.p.A. owns a group of radio stations, two pay TV channels, websites and, the OTT platform 13 Now (, and has its international channel, 13i. Since 2013, 13Sudmedia is the international sales arm of Canal 13 S.p.A., offering a variety of contents which continues adding success to Canal 13.

Ilse Hinrichsen. Is the product manager of the commercial contents of Channel 13. For the last six years she has been in charge of acquisitions for the distribution catalog of 13 Sudmedia, the international distributor of the television station.

Areas of interest: Series and feature documentaries.