INSOMNIA Teatro Condell


Leonardo Torres

Insomnia Alternativa de Cine aims to disseminate and support Chilean and Latin-American, independent and alternative movies by means of plenty of screenings, critiques, and cinemtaographic obsessions. We are based in Valparaíso, in Teatro Condell, a marvelous 108-year-old theater with a huge cultural and historical value.

Leonardo Torres. Designer, cinephile, and an obsessive film nerd.
As an exhibitor, I look for movies that make me wonder and that embraces changes in any way and direction. We have one of the most hidden but most important roles of the audiovisual industry: being in contact with the public before, during, and after watching a movie.

Areas of interest: Chilean, Latin American and world cinema, alternative and independent movies, documentaries, and any audiovisual approach that moves neurons.