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Searching for the other

Directed by:

Cons Gallardo Vásquez

Produced by:

Esteban Sandoval

Production Company

Pejeperro Films


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  • Length

    70 minutes

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In southern Chile lives Machi Marcelina (68), an indigenous authority who, in 1995, was unjustly accused of murder through witchcraft and imprisoned in a men’s prison. Years later, Cons (33) delves into her forgotten story, reflecting on it and finding her own identity within it.

  • Cons

    Gallardo Vásquez


    Cons Gallardo V (1990, Chile) is a filmmaker from the Mayor University with a master’s degree in Documentary Film from the University of Chile. In 2017, they premiered their debut feature, In Transit. Currently, they are completing Searching for the Other (2024) and developing It’s Cook, about the case of Anna Cook.

  • Esteban



    Esteban Sandoval C. is a filmmaker from the University of Chile. He is the Executive Producer at Pejeperro Films. His films, including On Suspicion: Zokunentu (2022) and Perro Bomba (2019), reflect his socio-cultural and exploratory motivations. He is currently finishing Kaye and Searching for the Other.