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Map from coast to coast

Directed by:

Nicolás Landa / Rosemarie Lerner

Produced by:

Emi Koch / Rosemarie Lerner

Production Company

Lucida Media / Coast 2 Coast


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  • Length

    Variable Length

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Interactive web map that combines exploration and education. The Map from coast to coast offers an innovative, entertaining, and equitable way for students to discover the world’s coasts through the experiences and imagination of young people from rural communities dedicated to artisanal fishing.

  • Nicolás



    Co-founder of C2C. Peruvian director of photography, video journalist, and educator. He works on a wide range of projects, including documentary feature films, transmedia, photography, and advertising. He was DOP on The last shaman, a documentary released on Netflix and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Rosemarie


    Director & Producer

    Peruvian director and producer with master’s degrees in Documentary Film and Cultural Industries from Goldsmiths University. Co-director of the renowned i-doc Quipu Project. She is the founder of Lúcida Media, where she explores the intersection of documentary and emerging media.

  • Emily



    Co-founder of C2C and marine social ecologist from San Diego, dedicated to youth development in small-scale fishing communities. As a Fulbright Fellow and NatGeo Explorer, she leverages youth and community-based participatory research to illuminate the impacts of fisheries scarcity.

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