Major international documentary program returns to Conecta for a second year.

The 6th Conecta International Documentary Industry Conference brings two international training courses in its new edition: the Connect with the Roots, ran by Sundance Documentary Film Program in collaboration with the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc, and the Boost your Project in Development, in charge of the renowned Argentinian producer, Gema Juárez Allen. Call for entries will be open until August 23rd.

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Each year, Latin American producers and film-makers with developing, editing, postproduction, or finalized documentary and series projects are invited to the Conecta Conference to be part of the networking and development space between diverse agents of the national and international documentary sector. This initiative, organized by the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc, will run online from November 29th to December 7th. Two exceptional courses will be taking place at the Conference for a second time: the Connect with the Roots and the Boost your Project in Development.

The Connect with the Roots, ran by the Sundance Documentary Film Program and CCDoc, is one of the strong points of the encounter and a fundamental link between these two organizations working on documentaries. On the one hand, the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc is dedicated to promoting Chilean documentaries within the country and abroad, encouraging its distribution and commercialization, and strengthening links between all local documentary community members. On the other hand, the Sundance Documentary Film Program works with non-fiction film-makers from around the world, producing documentaries on contemporary issues, focusing on artistic value, promoting excellence, defending underrepresented voices, and facilitating strategic distribution for audiovisual projects, supporting the social and creative impact of those works as they are premiered.

“This workshop’s second version is tremendously relevant, as it reflects the continuity of the work we have developed next to Sundance Film Institute, making underrepresented voices visible. Today more than ever, it is relevant that these voices are part of the social dialogue. With this workshop, we seek to create a space where film-makers can work and strengthen their regards and particularities. For this, we have tutorials with outstanding professionals from the national and international industry. There is no doubt that this opportunity allows indigenous origin film-makers to stand out and find a space in the current documentary industry”, claims Flor Rubina, Executive Director at CCDoc.

The Sundance Documentary Film Program was created in 2002 with the support of the Open Society Foundation and has among recent projects Crip Camp, by Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht, and The Mole Agent, by Maite Alberti, both nominated for the Best Documentary Award at the 2021 Oscars; as well as the renowned documentaries American Factory, by Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar, and The Edge of Democracy, by Petra Costa.

The Connect with the Roots, with four outstanding professionals from the industry in charge of tutorials, looks to strengthen the narrative of selected projects to contribute to their development. Besides participating in this course, these projects will be part of individual meetings with invited market agents at Conecta, talks, and social activities. “Conecta’s visionary team continues generating resources and organizing spaces offering creative support for film-makers who are expanding their non-fiction cinema language and creating work amid a difficult year’s challenges. We are thrilled to be associated with the Connect with the roots Workshop for a second year, to support new work”, claims Carrie Lozano, the Sundance Doc Film Program Director.

For a second time too, the Boost your Project in Development aims, among other things, to motivate the selected projects’ narrative development. The renowned Argentinian producer Gema Juárez Allen will be in charge of running this course. “We think it is fundamental to relieve this space too, as it fosters new talents and first works, which seems necessary to us and motivates us to open new collaboration spaces”, adds Flor Rubina.

Connect with the roots Workshop
Tuesday, November 30th, Wednesday 1st, Thursday 2nd, and Monday, December 6th, 2021 – Online

The Connect with the Roots, running for two and a half days, is directed to film-makers belonging to Latin American indigenous communities, with documentaries at development or initial production stages. Film-makers will be part of this course, and individual meetings with Conecta invited market agents, besides talks and social activities. No more than five projects will be selected, each taking part in the workshop with only three members of the team: director, producer, scriptwriter, or editor.

The workshop is aimed at strengthening the projects’ narrative proposal, worked with a team from both organizations, including:

Bruni Burres (Sundance Documentary Film Program)
Senior Consultant at the Sundance Documentary Program, co-writer and associate producer of the documentary Beyond my grandfather Allende, winner of the Best Documentary award at Cannes Film Festival 2015. She has worked at the arts and cultures and human rights and social justice crossroads for over 20 years.

María Santos (Sundance Documentary Film Program)
Independent Cinema producer, currently working as a Manager of Artist Support and Labs at the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Program. Her work explores gender, sex, kinship, and identity through stories and lives of society’s underrepresented characters.

Otilia Portilla Padua (Sundance Documentary Film Program)
Mexican director. Her work includes Tzolkin, Llegando al Cielo todo se refleja and Diario a tres voces. This last movie was exhibited at different international festivals. She is currently developing a speculative documentary La Reina Chjoo about women and fungus.

Paola Castillo (Chilean Documentary Corporation)
Executive director of the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc. Member of the United States’ Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the Chilean Cinema Academy. Director and producer of documentaries like Genoveva, 74m2, The Last Trace, Border, Beyond my grandfather Allende, and coproductions like Cielo and Haydee and the Flying Fish.

Boost your project in development Workshop
Wednesday 1st, Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd, and Monday December 6th, 2021 – Online

Running for two days and a half, this workshop is aimed at directors and producers with first works at development or initial production stages, currently developing their first or second documentary feature. No more than six projects will be selected, with each project’s director and producer participating in the workshop.

The workshop’s objectives are strengthening the projects’ narrative development and providing insight into available funding, their details and curatorial focus. At the same time, the selected will be part of individual meetings with Conecta guests, besides talks and social activities, offering good networking opportunities.

The renowned Argentinian producer Gema Juárez Allen will be in charge of the Boost your project in development Workshop, one of Argentina’s most important documentary and fiction cinema producer. Her work includes Private fiction (Andrés Di Tella, 2020), Theatre of War (Lola Arias, 2018), El espanto (Pablo Aparo & Martín Benchimol, 2017), Corta (Felipe Guerrero, 2012); and ¡Vivan las antípodas! (Victor Kossakovsky, 2011) in 2018 she became a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, in Hollywood.


One or more projects can be presented at each section, and each project can be submitted at different sections simultaneously. Applications can only be submitted using the following forms:

Connect with the roots Workshop – Check here.
Boost your project in development Workshop – Check here.

Applications have no cost, and the call will be open until August 23rd, 2021, at 23.59 hrs. Santiago de Chile (GMT-4).

For more information, contact Tamara Dupré, Conecta Projects Manager. conecta_proyectos@ccdoc.cl