About us

Since 2010, the Chilean Corporation of Documentary CCDoc (CCDoc) has worked to promote Chilean documentaries inside and outside the country, enhancing the commercialization, distribution and internationalization of local non-fiction films and series. The CCDoc fosters the prospects of Chilean films in international markets and coordinates the presence of delegations of Chilean producers, with the goal of creating networks, promoting new windows for marketing and distribution, both within and outside of Chile.

In order to open a market meeting in Chile focused on non-fiction, Conecta was created. Conecta is an international industry meeting that brings together Latin American producers with distributors, exhibitors, sales agents, programmers, channel representatives, festivals, markets and funds, domestic and foreign. Conecta looks to strengthen ties between the documentary communities in Latin America and promote Chile as a window of opportunity for audiovisual production in the continent. In December 2019, Conecta will hold the fourth edition of this summit.


Production team

  • Tamara Dupré Weinstein

    General producer


  • Agata Bracci Testasecca

    Logistics coordinator


  • Antonia Goycoolea Scott

    Guest officer


  • Magdalena Isaacson Labarthe

    Asistant of production

  • Camilo Pérez Huilcamán

    Asistant of production

  • Rodrigo Díaz Tapia

    Guest asistant

  • Francisca Cepeda del Río

    Asistant of production and guest

  • Margarita Fuenzalida Galaz

    Asistant of production and guest

  • Nicolás Hooper Herreros

    Asistant of production and guest

  • Paulo Matus González

    Asistant of production and guest

  • Camila Miranda de la Maza

    Asistant of production and guest

  • Nicole Plaza Guerrero

    Asistant of production and guest

  • Pablo Valle Balmaceda

    Asistant of production and guest

  • Hans Von Marees Peede

    Asistant of production and guest

Communication team

  • María Paz Mateluna Valenzuela

    Press coordinator

  • Francisca Rojas Herrera

    Communications coordinator

  • Angela Godoy Moreira

    Social media administrator

  • Paula González Álvarez

    Digital marketing consultant

  • Christian Martínez Páez


  • Cristóbal Azócar Mira


  • María José Martínez - Conde Fabry

    Catalogue editor

  • María José Calderón Grau

    Catalogue translator

  • Felipe Hurtado Acuña

    Catalogue designer

  • Antonia Casali Manzur

    Catalogue designer

  • 2litros

    Web page

  • Ashley Salman Herrera

    Web page and videos translator

  • Luis Navarro Figueroa


  • Titi Viera-Gallo Chadwick

    Video editor

Administration team

  • Ángeles Cabezas Caviedes

    Administrative assistant

  • Ramón Reyes González

    Financial assistant

Chiledoc sectorial brand

  • Loreto Contreras Valdés

    Project coordinator

  • Gustavo Pardo Araya

    Financial assistant