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Conecta is an international meeting of the documentary industry, aimed at Latin American producers and filmmakers with documentary projects in development, editing, post-production or completed. National and international industry agents participate in this meeting, including representatives of funds, markets and festivals, distributors, sales agents, exhibitors, platform and television channel programmers and producers.

It was born in 2016, with two objectives. The first is to link the various actors of the national and international industry to enhance the production, distribution and marketing of documentaries and series, promoting the internationalization and co-production of projects, thus strengthening the joint work between Latin American producers and creators.

In addition, contribute to the training of Latin American filmmakers, implementing workshops to develop different areas of competence and improvement of projects, such as writing, fundraising and financing, distribution, development of impact campaigns, knowledge of the international scene, convergence with media arts, among others. The Connect with your roots workshop, in particular, has had as its target participants filmmakers with indigenous roots.

Conecta also has a public exhibition in a civic space. In its different versions, this activity has taken place in places such as Parque Forestal, Paseo Bulnes or Barrio Yungay. The objective is that the chosen film is a contingent Chilean production and in certain occasions a pre-release. In the case of the online versions, this exhibition increased to two.

In addition, there will be open panels on topics of interest to the audiovisual community, both in person and via streaming, in order to reach a wider audience, favoring those who are in regions or countries other than Chile.

This year there will be hybrid version on-site, virtual and streaming activities, including two workshops for projects in development; a Docs in Progress section, organized in conjunction with the Santiago International Documentary Film Festival FIDOCS; a public pitch in partnership with The Whickers; a public exhibition of a current documentary; in addition to the usual industry activities such as round tables, one-on-one meetings, panels and social and networking activities.

Conecta is organized by the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc and financed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, the Support Program for Collaborating Cultural Organizations of the same organization, ProChile and Chiledoc. It has the support and collaboration of various public and private organizations.


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