Conecta expands its horizons: meet the selection that will be part of Connect with New Media

The most important industry meeting event in Chile will have a new section this year in which projects from all over Latin America will stand out, with a focus on transmedia, virtual and augmented reality, multiplatform and interactive web development.

Six projects were selected to participate in the Connect with New Media section of Conecta, and it will be launched in the sixth edition of the most important documentary industry meeting event in Chile, to be held between November 29 and December 7, 2021.

The initiative is driven by the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc in partnership with the National Film Board (NFB) of Canada, a Canadian public organization that looks to produce and distribute films to promote the country around the world. It also has the collaboration of Mediamorfosis, the most important meeting event of new narratives in Latin America, and Stereopsia Latam, an international meet dedicated to immersive technologies.

It should be noted that Mediamorfosis will award one of the projects with a free accreditation to participate in the Professional Training Workshop that will be held in 2022.

A new way of telling stories

Productions from Panama, Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Chile will be part of the first edition of the Conecta con los Nuevos Medios workshop, a space focused on projects that bet on another form of construction and narrative development. Stories with a high social content -from the resilience of former prisoners to the research of the origins of different native peoples- that bet on a new way of telling stories. Projects of transmedia narrative, virtual and augmented reality, multiplatform and interactive web; all of them with special focus on new media.

Check the selectees list below:

Eco Resilient
Director: Jonathan Álvarez
Producer: Mariano Capone
Panama, Argentina

The Queendom
Director: Otilia Portillo Padua
Producer: Paula Arroio Sandoval

El señor de las visuales
Crew: Selene Flores, Rodrigo Salomon Freixas

The Safest Place
Directors: Magdalena Hurtado, Milena Castro
Producers: Ignacia Merino, Isabel Reyes

Map from Coast to Coast
Directors and Producers: Ros Lerner, Emi Koch, Nico Landa

Ancestral Secret VR
Directors: Francisca Silva, María José Díaz, Ricardo Tapia
Producer: María José Díaz