Conecta V Edition gives awards to eight documentaries in a successful closing day

The last day of the program featured a workshop by the American editor Jeremy Workman, expert in trailers production, and thus reached the end of the event with awards and the presentation of the outstanding documentary Cantos de represión by Estephan Wagner and Marianne Hougen-Moraga.

Eight projects were awarded in the closing event, among them: Edita, Eudaldo, tengo una cita con un árbol, Los sueños de mi padre, Arica, Ida en Ida, Los niños del agua, Memorias de luz, Los hijos, Macondoamérica y Otra orquídea; they received awards suchs as advisories, support for image and sound post-production, as well as invitations to international film festivals such as DocMontevideo and DocMX.

The fifth edition of the International Documentary Industry Meeting, Conecta, organized by the Chilean Documentary Corporation (CCDoc), celebrated its closure on Thursday.

The meeting event, which had a successful participation, included in its program 16 panels and talks open to the public, including the masterclass Audiovisual promotion in times of digital dominance, led by the American editor and producer, Jeremy Workman, expert in trailer production.

The activity that took place during the evening paved the way to the closure, which was in charge of the team of Conecta, including the directors of CCDoc, Paola Castillo, Flor Rubina, and Diego Pino.

After the closure speech, the award ceremony continued as planned. The first award went to Edita, directed by Pamela Pollak Aguiló and produced by María Carolina Ojalvo Pressac, this was given by the Cineteca Nacional de Chile representative Pablo Insunza, Preservation coordinator of the National Film Library, under the category Work in Progress and Conecta Distribución, which considers the post-production stage valued at US $6000.

Another winner was Eudaldo, tengo una cita con un árbol, directed by Benjamín Delattre, a documentary produced by Miguel Soffia & Sophie Faudel, who received the Kiné Imágenes Award and was given by Daniel Dávila, director of Kiné Imágenes.

Meanwhile Los sueños de mi padre by Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe, produced by Carolina Campo, received the Sonamos Award, which consists of a three-day mixing consultancy by Sonamos, experts in audio design and post-production.

Among other awards, the Digital Sofa Award, from the renowned Brazilian digital distributor that will take distribution on Latin American platforms, was won by Arica, directed by Lars Edman & William Johansson, and produced by Andreas Rocksén.

Another favourite was Ida en Ida, winner of the R2 Media Award. A film by María Inés Arrillaga and produced by Inés Vázquez Messano.

On the other hand, DocMontevideo, a market meeting event for Latin American television, gave away two awards to participate in the business round-tables of its Meetings para Series de TV, at its 2021 edition. The selected projects were Los niños del agua by Joy Penroz and produced by Sylvain Grain; and Memorias de Luz by Sebastián Fernández and produced by Francisco Bisañez, who will receive an automatic accreditation to participate in both seminars and masterclasses of this meeting.

Likewise, the International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City, DocsMX, awarded two documentaries: Los hijos by Leonardo Pakarati, produced by Paula Rossetti and Macondoamérica, by Ana Teixeira, produced by Janaina Moraes, these projects will participate in the Platform IB workshop of the 14th edition of DocsLab (16th DocsMX), from 18 to 22 October 2021.

The Latino Campus Award went to Otra orquídea directed by Karen Gronich, produced by Petra Costa, which consists of an invitation to participate to the first workshop of the 4th edition of Campus Latino, a training workshop for filmmakers, which will take place in October 2021.

And finally, the DAFilms Award, a one-month free subscription on the platform, for all participating Conecta projects.
The event, unique in its category, and which was developed in a virtual manner, was attended by 78 national and international guests, 77 Latin American projects, and 22 countries.

The programme of this edition of Conecta, featured the free screening, on the opening day, of the documentaries, The Mole Agent, Oscar nominee, directed by Maite Alberdi and produced by Marcela Santibáñez, and closed with Cantos de represión, by Estephan Wagner and Marianne Hougen-Moraga, who won the Best Chilean Film Award at the 2020 Valdivia Film Festival FicValdivia.

CONECTA is organized by the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc and funded by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage; ProChile and Chiledoc. It is sponsored by R2 Media; DocMontevideo; Docs MX; Kiné Imágenes; Sonamos; Sofá Digital; and the National Film Library of Chile. With the collaboration of The Association of Documentary Filmmakers of Chile ADOC and Radio Concierto.