Don’t miss the biggest international documentary industry meeting in Chile, Conecta is waiting for you!

The VI Meeting of the International Documentary Film Industry will be celebrated once again from November 29th to December 7th, online. Applications will be open until Monday, August 2, 2021.

Download the requirements here.

The Conecta encounter, in its sixth version, invites Latin American producers and filmmakers with documentary projects and series, whether in development, editing, post-production, or finalized, to participate in Chile’s most important documentary film industry event.

Conecta is an initiative organized by the Chilean Corporation of Documentary (CCDoc), which seeks to strengthen the bond between the diverse actors in the national and international documentary film sector, and by doing so, to fortify the development of the production, commercialization, and distribution of documentaries and non-fiction content by way of a joint labor between Latin American producers and directors. “The last version had a record number of applicants, which means that it continues to be an important space for developing projects. That is why market events like Conecta become very relevant, since they contribute to facilitating the search for possibilities for financing, distribution, or co-production,” comments Flor Rubina, Executive Director of CCDoc.

One of the objectives of Conecta is to create an international contact network, and with it, to incentivize industry professionals to diversify the tasks of diffusion and commercialization of their audiovisual projects and productions through new connections with diverse agents and representatives of the documentary film industry. This is possible thanks to the broad spectrum of guest attendees that the event includes, among whom are producers, sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, financiers, and representatives from some of the most important markets and festivals in the world.

Just like the previous edition, which took place in January this year and included more than eighty guests, Conecta VI will take place virtually due to the conditions of the sanitary emergency. “There is still a great degree of uncertainty, which means that mobility between countries continues to be very difficult. In that sense, we opted for maintaining the virtual modality, even if conditions change in Chile toward the end of the year,” adds Flor Rubina.

As part of the organization of Conecta, which will take place from November 29th to December 7th, our team includes Alejandra Díaz, Executive Producer; Antonia Goycolea, Guest Coordinator; and Tamara Dupré, Project Manager.

Conecta Activities

The event includes a variety of industry activities and training workshops, such as individual meetings, work-in-progress sections, seminars, “under the magnifying glass”, specialized panels, access to the meeting platform, and networking opportunities. Among the confirmed sections
this year are:

– Conenected: destined to documentary projects and non-fiction series currently in

– Connect with Distribution: aimed at documentaries and
series in editing, post-production or that were finished during 2020.

One or more projects can be applied to each of these sections, and each project can be applied to more than one section. One of the criteria to consider for the selection of participants for the event’s different sections is the elimination of territorial and gender disparities. For this reason, projects produced or directed by women will be prioritized, as well as those coming from territories other than the Metropolitan Region, in the case of Chile, and/or from Central America or Andean countries such as Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

Application Process

Application to Conecta is open to all Chilean or Latin American documentary film sector professionals who currently have finalized projects or projects in development.

Applying through the online form has no cost, but once the projects are selected, participants must pay a one-time inscription fee of CLP 40,000 for Chileans and USD $60 for international participants, which will grant them each two accreditations and access to all the event’s

The process will take place exclusively via the application form, which can be accessed here. It will be open until Monday, August 2, 2021 at 23:59 hours , Santiago local time (GMT-4).


The organization will provide fifteen grants for selected projects that require assistance in covering the cost of event inscription, a benefit that will be destined to those who meet at least one of the following characteristics:

– Projects produced or directed by women

– Chilean projects that come from territories other than the Metropolitan Region

– Latin American projects that require assistance


In order to opt into this benefit, participants will have to fill out an exemption request with the
project application, indicating the motive behind the need for economic support. The Conecta
organization team will define which projects will be granted this benefit, and it will be published
along with the projects’ selection.


In addition to participating in different activities, awards will be granted to those who stand out
in the event’s respective sections. Among the prizes this year are:

DocsMX Award: The International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City (DocsMX) will select a project from the Conectados section or from the Conecta workshops to take part in one of the industry activities at its 2021 edition.

DocMontevideo Award: The Uruguayan market encounter will select a project from the Conectados section or from the Conecta workshops to participate in the Meetings at its 2022 version. The selection includes accreditation.

Sofa Digital Award:The Brazilian digital distributor will award a project in the Work in Progress or Conecta con la Distribución section, and will take its distribution on platforms in Latin America.


Find out about the rest of the awards and other details of the event here.

For more information, contact Tamara Dupré, Conecta Project Manager | conecta_proyectos@ccdoc.cl