Projects from Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Chile receive awards in Conecta 2022

● With 52 projects, 48 documentary industry representatives, and 21 countries present, the seventh version of Conecta was held from December 13 to 16 in Santiago, Chile.
● A total of nine projects received different awards, including The Whickers Award, granted for the first time in Latin America, consisting of a prize of £3,000 awarded to Homeboys, the debut film by Mexican filmmakers Alonso Garibay and Alejandro Bernal.
● In addition, a series of panels open to the public were held, and the documentary Violeta Exists, an original idea by Javiera and Ángel Parra Orrego, was exhibited for free at Plaza Yungay.

The seventh edition of Conecta, the Meeting of the International Documentary Film Industry for Latin-American filmmakers and producers, received 52 projects from 11 countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Chile, and more than 40 industry agents from Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. It was held in three venues in Barrio Yungay from December 13 to 16.

In an unprecedented way, The Whickers Pitch was held for the first time in Latin America, awarding a prize of £3,000 to Homeboys, the debut film by Mexicans Alonso Garibay and Alejandro Bernal. About this, Diego Pino, Executive director of the Chilean Corporation of Documentary CCDoc, pointed out: “This is the first time we have a Pitch at Conecta, and what better to do it next to The Whickers, a fund that seeks to promote debut films of emergent filmmakers, and for the first time is focusing on Latin America. We are proud and thrilled with the results since we feel we could give a broad outlook of the Latin-American documentary production, and the prize helps to enhance a story as powerful as unique. We thank The Whickers for trusting in Conecta and betting for the stories born in Latin America.”

The Whickers’ editorial consultant Jane Mote said, “Homeboys is an extraordinary story that gives us unique access to acts of humanity on the fringes of society in Mexico. Alonso Garibay and his co-director, Alejandro Bernal, have great creative talent and passion for their subject. Alonso’s speech won over everyone present. I hope this fund and support will contribute to the film’s success.”

In addition, eight other projects won various awards that will help them finalize their documentary films:

Winners at Docs in Progress FIDOCS + Conecta

Mediocielo Films Award: Hakuchu Munayta, from Perú, directed by Augusto Zegarra and produced by Claudia Chávez and Paloma Iturriaga.
Bolivia Lab Award, International Co-Production Pitch Rally: Beyond, from Ecuador, directed by Miko Meloni and produced by Esteban Coloma.
Cineteca Nacional Award: Relentless Memory, directed by Paula Rodríguez and produced by Paola Castillo, a Chilean, Argentine, and German project.
Sonamos Award: Hakuchu Munayta, from Perú, directed by Augusto Zegarra and produced by Claudia Chávez and Paloma Iturriaga.
FIDOCS First Cut Award: Piropolis, from Chile, directed by Nicolás Molina and produced by Joséphine Schroeder.
Cannes Docs Award: Written in Bones, from Brazil, directed by Tainá Muhringer and produced by Angelo Ravazi.
Bolivia Lab Award: Like a Flame Lit on a Dark Night, from Costa Rica, directed by Carolina Arias and produced by Michelle Ferris.
Doc Montevideo Award: Lonko, a Journey to the Roots, from Chile, directed by Jota Loyola and produced by Juan Ramírez.
R2 Media Award: The Art of War, from Peru, directed by Grecia Barbieri – Gonzalo Benavente and produced by Carolina Denegri and Jaén Mujica.
Mediocielo Films Award: Polaris, from Chile, directed by Carla Astorga and produced by Ignacio Hernández.
DocsMX Award: Surfing for Seniors, from Chile, directed by Ananké Pereira and produced by Francisca Barraza.
DocsMX Award: El arte de la guerra, from Peru, directed by Grecia Barbieri and Gonzalo Benavente and produced by FCarolina Denegri and Jaén Mujica.

Online panels
If you missed the panels about mental health in documentary filmmaking, and the challenges of marketing and audiences today, you can watch them on our Facebook and Youtube accounts @ccdocumental.

Challenges of Post-pandemic Audiences. Erika Dilday, POV – American Documentary; Keoni Kailimai of Storyville, BBC.
Who’s Buying Documentary Films Nowadays?. Diana Karklin, Rise and Shine World Sales; Claudia Rodríguez, Preciosa Media.
Mental Health in the Documentary Film Industry. Rebecca Day, Film in Mind.

About Conecta
Conecta is a space dedicated to promoting the commercialization and distribution of Chilean and Latin American projects and connecting them with the world. It is organized by the Chilean Corporation of Documentary CCDoc and funded by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts, and Heritage and the Support Program for Cultural Organizations of the same institution. It has the support and collaboration of various international and Chilean organizations, including ProChile.