After a successful call with more than 300 applicants from various Latin American countries, a total of 77 projects were selected to participate in the 5th international documentary industry meeting event Conecta, which will take place virtually in January 19 to 28, 2021.

On this occasion, the leading role that women have acquired in the event is well noted, with a total of 53 proposals being directed and produced by women, which will allow them to improve opportunities and enhance the production, marketing and distribution of their documentaries. This reinforces the need to continue to make visible and enhance gender equality in the industry.

The selected projects will be able to dialogue with more than 70 national and international guests, such as funds representatives, festivals, markets, distributors, sales agents, screening platforms, exhibitors, programmers and producers, thus enabling the Latin American market to be supported by making known the diversity and richness of gender equality in the world.
This year there are 26 projects selected for the category Conectados, an instance that aspires to match the interests of the projects with the financing roles and lines of work of the guests.

Selected Projects:

This year there are 26 projects selected for the category Conectados, an instance that aspires to match the interests of the projects with the financing roles and lines of work of the guests.

11 selected projecst will participate in Work in progress, an activity that focuses on promoting documentaries in the editing stage.

18 titles will participate in Conecta con la distribución, which looks to help documentaries and series in the editing stage, post-production or finished, in order to establish commercial ties and boost new distribution windows for the Latin American documentary.

5 members of the Conecta con las Raíces Workshop, oriented to help filmmakers from indigenous Latin American communities with documentary projects in the development stage or in the initial stage of production.

6 projects for the Workshop Potencia tu documental en desarrollo, for documentaries and series in development or beginning of production.

11 were chosen for the Campus Latino, a training program that is open to documentary filmmakers from Latin America and Spain who look for an international audience and aspire to strengthen relations between Latin America and Europe.


¿Mañana qué vamos a hacer? (Argentina)– – Directed by Francisco Martín and produced by Verónica Benegas
Acuatenientes (Colombia)– – Directed by Andrés Gil and produced by Lissette Orozco & Mateo Pérez
Ancacoy (Chile) – Directed by María Paz González & Nicole Böck Dupont, produced by Macarena Aguiló & Nicole Böck Dupont.
Here silence is heard(Chile) – Directed by Gabriela Pena and produced by Picho García
BABA (Panama) – Directed by Harry Paul Oglivie Valles and produced by Juan Said Isaac Zepeda
Baile de los que sobran – DocMontevideo Award (Mexico / Chile) – Directed by Ángel Linarez , produced by Emilio Aguilar & Miguel Ángel Sánchez
Breaking the Brick (Chile) – Directed and produced by Carola Fuentes & Rafael Valdeavellano
Cartografías do Corpo (Cartografías del Cuerpo) (Brazil) – Directed by Leonardo Barcelos and produced by André Hallak
En búsqueda del jiwasa (Chile / Peru) – Directed by Evaristo Jarawi and produced by Jose Miguel Garrido
En el muro (Chile / Peru) – Directed by Juan Francisco Gonzalez, produced by Catalina Alarcón & Diego Sarmiento
Ida en Ida (Uruguay) – Directed by María Inés Arrillaga and produced by Inés Vázquez
Jirafas (Ecuador) – Directed by Felipe Carmona & Sarahí Echeverría and produced by Sarahí Echeverría
Juan contra los monstruos (Chile) – Directed by Elvira Díaz and produced by Claudia Barril
Kid chocolate (Brazil / Cuba) – Directed by Anna Lu Machado and produced by Luana Macedo
La nieve entre los dos (Chile) – Directed and produced by Pablo Martínez Pessi
La velera (Chile) – Directed by Francisco Bermejo and produced by Francisco Hervé, Moisés Sepúlveda & Daniela Raviola.
La vida secreta de las rosas (Ecuador) – Directed by Ileana Matamoros & Julie Tomé and produced by Ana Gabriela Yépez.
La voz de Dios – Cinemundi Award (Brazil) – Directed by Miguel Antunes Ramos and produced by Alice Riff
Los niños del agua (Chile) – Directed by Joy Penroz and produced by Sylvain Grain
Macondamérica (Brazil) – Directed by Ana Teixeira and produced by Janaína Moraes
Mi abuela, al mundial (Uruguay) – Directed by Alfonsina Alonso, produced by Alfonsina Alonso & Gerardo Castelli.
NIÑXS (Mexico) – Directed by Kani Lapuerta Laordenctor and produced by Suleica Adriana Pineda
Otra orquídea – DocsMX Award (Brazil) – Directed by Karen Gronich and produced by Petra Costa
Promesantes (Bolivia) – Directed by Helga Delgadillo & Alejandro Quiroga and produced by Alejandro Quiroga, Milton Rios & Helga Delgadillo.
Un documental llamado deseo (Chile) – Directed by Cristián Jimenez, produced by José Luis Rivas & Valentina Roblero
Una puntada, una lágrima (Colombia)– Directed by Isabel Macias & Carlos Castro Macea, produced Romina Savary & Carlos Castro Macea.
Albertina y los muertos (Chile) – Directed by César Borie and produced by Rocío Romero
Bajo sospecha (Chile) – Directed by Daniel Díaz Oyarzún, produced by Esteban Sandoval Carrasco & Felipe Poblete
Ese soplo (Uruguay) – Directed by Valentina Baracco Pena, produced by Andrés D’Avenia, Eugenia Olascuaga & Valentina Baracco.
Eudaldo: tengo una cita con un árbol (Chile / France) – Directed by Benjamin Delattre, produced by Miguel Soffia & Sophie Faudel
Germino pétalos en el asfalto (Docs SP Award) (Brazil) – Directed and produced by Julio Matos & Coraci Ruiz
La playa de los enchaquirados (Ecuador) – Directed by Iván Mora Manzano and produced by Alfredo Mora Manzano.
Las fronteras se movían (Argentina)– Directed by Marina Belaustegui Keller & Mario Durrieu.
Lejos de casa (México) – Directed by Carlos Hernandez Vazquez and produced by Gabriela Gavica.
Los sueños de mi padre (Uruguay) – Directed by Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe and produced by Carolina Campo Lupo.
Manantiales del canto (Argentina) – Directed by Federico Abuaf & Julián Gabriel Vey and produced by Gabriela Gavica.
Punto de encuentro (Chile) – Directed by Roberto Baeza and produced by Paulina Costa


¿Hay algo en lugar de nada? (Chile) – Directed by Peter McPhee and produced by Ana Belén Asfura
Arica (Sweden / Belgium / Norway / England / Chile) – Directed by Lars Edman & William Johanson, produced by Andreas Rocksén & William Johanson
Buenas noches Malvinas (Argentina) – Directed by Ana Fraile & Lucas Scavino, produced by Ana Fraile & Eduardo Sánchez.
Desentierros (Argentina) – Directed by María Julia Blanco, produced by Pamela Carlino & Agustín del Carpio.
Edita (Chile) – Directed by Pamela Pollak and produced by Carola Ojalvo
El silencio del topo (Guatemala) – Directed by Anais Taracena, produced by Anais Taracena & Rafael Gonzalez
Espacio desierto (Chile) – Directed by Yerko Ravlic and produced by Michel Toledo
Laura (Chile) – Directed and produced by Francisco Bustamante
Los Jaivas todos juntos (Chile) – Directed and produced by Macarena Cardone
Memorias de luz (Chile) – Directed by Sebastián Fernández and produced by Francisco Bisañez
Mujer de soldado (Peru) – Directed by Patricia Wiesse Risso and produced by Jenny Velapatiño
Paradais (Chile) – Directed by Matías Jiménez and produced by Macarena Monrós
Partida (Brazil) – Directed by Caco Ciocler and produced by Beto Amaral
Posdata (Ecuador) – Directed and produced by Juan Martin Cueva
Ancestral Secret (Chile) – Directed by Jota Loyola and produced by Carola Fuentes
Sergio Larraín, the eternal moment (Chile) – Directed by Sebastián Moreno and produced by Claudia Barril
Travesía travesti (Chile) – Directed by Nicolás Videla and produced by Nicole Bonilla
Zoila (Chile) – Directed by Gabriela Pena and produced by Picho García


The life that will come (Chile) – Directed by Karin Cuyul and produced by Joséphine Schroeder
Flores en el valle (Mexico) – Directed by Ramón Llaven Zavala and produced by Juan Eduardo Navarrete Pajarito.
Los hijos (Chile) – Directed by Leonardo Pakarati and produced by Paula Rossetti
I am Karukinka (Chile) – Directed and produced by Caroline Pavez
Akcha sapi (Citlalii es mujer) (Ecuador)– Directed by Joshi Espinosa Anguaya and produced by Citlalli Anrrango Cadena


Apuntes para un conflicto armado (Chile) – Directed and produced by Pablo Rivas
Aunque seamos pocos (Argentina) – Directed by Romina Coronel and produced by Nacho Aguirre
É Tudo Parente / Es Todo Pariente (Brazil) – Directed by Mariana Fagundes Azevedo and produced by André Hallak.
El fantasma de María (Chile) – Directed by Nicolás Superby and produced by Florencia Dupont
Rosa (Chile) – Directed and produced by Dianne Díaz
Toda memoria es de la vida (Brazil) – Directed by Angela Donini & Laura Murray and produced by Luis Carlos de Alencar


Nosotros los Wolf (Ecuador) – Directed by Dario Aguirre and produced by Stephanie Tonn
Brigade 2045 (Mexico) – Directed by Olivia Luengas and produced by Odin Acosta Ascencio
Tres sisters (Colombia) – Directed by Joyce Ventura and produced by Laura Coronado
Custodio the Tiger of the East (Chile) – Directed by Jorge Acevedo and produced by Mixie Araya
Volver a Volver (Spain / Venezuela) – Directed by Jorge Sánchez Calderón & Valerio Mendoza, produced by Kateřina Černá
Olimpia (Mexico) – Directed by Indira Cato and produced by Hugo Chávez Carvajal
Trawün de Forrowe (Chile) – Directed by Matías Riquelme & Camille Fabbro and produced by Fernanda Mancilla
Calle de Los Angeles (Spain) – Directed by Silvia Rey and produced by Alejandra Mora
Minotauro (Colombia) – Directed by Joaquín Uribe and prodyced by Amaranta Fiquitiva Contreras
The Castle (Argentina) – Directed by Martín Benchimol and produced by Mayra Bottero
Carceleras (Brazil)– Directed by Júlia Hannud and produced by Sabrina Zimmermann