Chiledoc Production Companies

Chile: An American Secret

Directed by:

María Elena Wood, Patricio Pereira and Orlando Arriagada

Produced by:

María Elena Wood, Patricio Pereira, Andrea Insunza, Javier Ortega and Orlando Arriagada

Production Company

María Wood Producciones/ Un día en la Vida/ Pimiento


  • Year


  • Length

    100 minutes

  • Country

    Chile/ Canada


María Wood Producciones, formerly Igenio Visual, was established in 2005 to produce high-quality films and television series with culturally and socially relevant themes.


A personal story of an ordinary man’s quest for justice, dedicating his life to unraveling the darkest secrets behind how and why his country, the United States, the champion of freedom, supported and protected the dictator who persecuted and murdered his friends and family and later pressured him out of power.

  • María Elena


    Co-director and Producer

    Chilean producer and documentarian with extensive experience. Director of the documentaries Mad Women(Pedro Sienna Best Documentary Award 2012) and Michelle Bachelet, The General’s Daughter. Producer of award-winning series such as Dignidad, Mary & Mike, Nuestro Siglo, and News of a Kidnapping.

  • Patricio


    Co-director and Producer

    Producer of films such as Machuca, The Good Life, Violeta Went to Heaven (Sundance 2012), and Spider by Andrés Wood. He has also been an executive producer for series like Dignity, Mary & Mike, Ramona, Caravan of Death, Red Bracelets, Los 80, and News of a Kidnapping, an Amazon Studios Original.

  • Andrea Insunza and

    Javier Ortega


    Journalists with 18 years of experience working together in investigative journalism. They are co-authors of four books, including the most complete biography of Michelle Bachelet, published in Santiago and Mexico, and an investigation into the influence of the religious congregation Legionaries of Christ in Chile.

  • Orlando


    Co-director and Producer

    Pimiento’s founder is a passionate, epicurean, and multitalented entrepreneur. He is a producer, filmmaker, and Director of the Documentary Master’s program at the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia in Barcelona (ESCAC). He is the heart and soul of the company.

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