Guest Proyects

Emergency Measures

Directed by:

André Bomfim

Produced by:

Sabrina Macedo

Production Company

Mira Filmes


  • Year


  • Length

    90 minutes

  • Country



In Maceió, the Maria da Penha Patrol fights to break the cycle of violence against women. The Patrol closely monitors the victims, some of whom are at risk for their lives. Under female command, the Patrol has never lost a woman. However, sustaining this objective is an increasingly challenging task.

  • André



    Born in Natal and raised in Bahia, he now lives in São Paulo. As a documentary filmmaker, he has directed the shorts The Amazing Stories of a Ghost Ship and Following the Line: The History of Ricardo Prado, the series Families, and the feature I’m Still Alive, which won the awards for Best Director and Best Editor.

  • Sabrina



    She graduated in Audiovisual from Senac. Since 2018, she has been working with projects of different genres, including the features I’m Still Alive and Panorama, the series Destino: Ficção, and the fiction feature Ela e Eu. She is currently working on the feature film Salvadores de Marías.

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