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Directed by:

Nina Salvador and Francesca Carvallo Pirola

Produced by:

Bárbara Valdés and Patricia Franquesa

Production Company

Periferia / Gadea Films


  • Year


  • Length

    70 minutes

  • Country

    Chile/ España


After getting vaccinated against COVID-19, Franche and María stopped menstruating. United through their journals, both friends try to recover their menstrual cycles in a journey of suppressed emotions and existential questioning. After months of searching, a doctor from the old continent appears with a possible explanation.

  • Nina



    Nina co-directed Pandemic in 2020, which premiered at DocLisboa (2021) and won the Special Jury Mention at FIDOCS (2022). Currently, she works in production at Diluvio and Globo Rojo Films, collaborating with Catalina Vergara on projects for León & Cociña, José Luis Torres Leiva, among others.

  • Francesca

    Carvallo Pirola


    Francesca co-directed Pandemic in 2020, premiered at DocLisboa (2021), and won the Special Jury Mention at FIDOCS (2022). Since 2018, she has been the audiovisual director at Encuentro Pieles. Her latest documentaries are Rockeras and Save the Maipo (2023) for Patagonia Films.

  • Bárbara



    Founder of Periferia Audiovisual. Executive and general producer of the fiction short film Humedal, and the projects in development: Ni tan grandes, ni tan chicos (documentary series), La Oveja Trasquilada (fiction feature film), and Pedro, Juan y Diego (documentary feature film).

  • Patricia



    Patricia is a Catalan director, producer, and the founder of Gadea Films, the production house behind Oh Dear Sara. She is currently developing her second documentary, My Sextortion Diary, based on the extortion case experienced by the director after the theft of her computer.

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